The Goal Africa football reality show is aimed at empowering football fans across the world beyond just participation while also promoting youth empowerment. It promises to be fun, sporty, and engaging.
The Housemates will be harbored in a house for 30 days and will cut across all African countries. Participants representing football clubs around the world will be engaged with intelligent tasks centered around football and creativity to test their in-depth knowledge of the game.
At the end of the show, one winner that will be an embodiment of Talent, Creativity, Patience, Tenacity, and Dedication will emerge.
Participants stand a chance to win 15 million Naira worth of prizes at the end of 30 days which will be aired on several platforms including Startimes, DSTV, and YouTube. It is a known fact that football has a very strong unifying factor which is seen throughout the world and as such this show seeks to harness that to the fullest cutting across all works of life,it is indeed the first of its kind.


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