Five Reasons Why The Royalty Reality TV Show Is Exceptional

Are you a fan of Reality Tv Shows? If yes, then you must have heard about Royalty Reality TV Show but if you haven’t, we got you covered.

The Royalty Reality TV show is a 21-days show geared towards selecting an exceptional individual with the complete package. The show kicked off its pilot season in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on Wednesday, 1st July 2020 with 34 housemates arriving at the house.

You might be wondering, “What makes this Royalty Reality TV show different from the ones we already have?” Well, we got you covered too. Here are some reasons why the show is exceptional;

  1. The Unique Theme.

Unlike the reality tv shows you have watched in the past, the Royalty Reality TV Show is centered on a unique theme which is “Leadership”, especially among the youth. A lot of Nigerians may have lost faith in having young people take up leadership roles in our society but we still believe in that dream. Nothing is as amazing as having a reality Tv show where housemates undergo the rudiments of leadership. Throughout the 21 days, housemates with the best leadership skill were made either the “Duke” or the “Duchess” of the Royal House.

  1. Housemates are fully disciplined.

Since that the theme of the Royalty Reality TV Show is centered on “Leadership”, housemates were made to undergo a lot of discipline especially when it comes to punctuality. Also, No one breaks the rules of the Royal House and goes scout free.

  1. Housemates got the chance to showcase their creativity.

Throughout the 21 days in the Royal House, the housemates had creative tasks to deliver daily. They delivered short plays, music, court session and so much more.

  1. A chance for heart-to-heart conversations.

The Royal Court Sessions were an avenue for the housemates to have heartfelt conversations, like their fears, dreams, beliefs, and aspirations in life. For most of them, it was their first time being vulnerable among people. At the end of the day, a strong bond was formed.

  1. More than just entertainment.

The Royalty Reality Tv Show goes beyond just entertaining viewers. Through the short plays and stimulating conversations at the Royal Court, the housemates were able to inform and educate viewers on a variety of topics.
In the end, the show comes with a lot of “Prestige” and is geared towards selecting an exceptional individual with the strength, tenacity, and intelligence to be the “Complete Package”.

Tune in tonight;

WAP TV — 9:00pm – 9:30pm (DSTV Ch. 262, GoTV Ch. 102, Startimes Ch.116, Starsat Ch.189, Play TV Ch. 275 and MYTV)

R2TV — 9:30pm — 10:30pm
(GOTV Channel. 112)

Don’t forget that the Grand Finale comes up on Wednesday, 22nd July 2020. Voting ends on Tuesday, 9pm.


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